Franke Box Center Sink Stainless Steel


Thanks to the new Box Center, the most important kitchen accessories become part of the sink unit and accessible all the time. The brand new double bowls are a perfect merge. They are an ideal cooperation between design and function and they address a high segment of kitchen lovers with a minimalist approach. In the Box Center, sink and accessories belong together. During the day, the elegant accessories are right at hand for food preparation because they are completely integrated in the main bowl. At night, the accessories are safely stored in the compartment bowl. They entirely dry overnight. The new double bowls provide for an optimum kitchen workflow because everything is within reach. They also offer complete cleanliness: the bowls are easy to clean, all removable parts can simply be taken out and washed. The round cover of the waste kit is flush with the bottom and allows fast cleaning. The accessories are true and minimalist design objects that perfectly match with the compartment bowl. The Box Center is a wonderful and clever kitchen solution for people who demand efficiency, optimum use of space and distinctive design.