Urban fragranite double pot | Black - UBG 620-86 - Franke
Urban fragranite double pot | Black - UBG 620-86 - Franke
Urban fragranite double pot | Black - UBG 620-86 - Franke
Urban fragranite double pot | Black - UBG 620-86 - Franke

Urban fragranite double pot | Black - UBG 620-86 - Franke


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Franke Urban UBG 620-86 built-in sink / filotop 86 x 50 - fragranite - black

Base 90
Total length 860.00 mm
Total width 500.00 mm
Recessed hole 824x464 mm
Large bowl length 432.00 mm
Large bowl width 425.00 mm
Depth of large bowl 230.00 mm
Small bowl length 341.00 mm
Small bowl width 364.00 mm
Depth of small bowl 220.00 mm

large bathtub
inner edge
Download group
Fast Fix System
Can be installed in a built-in version

spinning jump
Perforated tray - 112.0538.950
Exhaust cover - 112.0539.627
Wooden cutting board - 112.0595.334
urban series
Large bowl and interior rim for easy sliding of the accessory: maximum functionality for your kitchen.

The Functional Beauty of Fragranite
Warm and comfortable to the touch and made with natural colors, the Fragranite kitchen sink is capable of combining resistance and hygiene with a beauty that remains unchanged over time. Highly resistant and sophisticated, Fragranite is a unique material, composed of 80% quartz and 20% acrylic resin. For exceptional performance, Franke patented.
- Shock and scratch resistant : a very high strength material, Fragranite does not chip and does not crack even after impact with heavy bodies.
- Stain resistant : As a non-absorbent surface, Fragranite is also stain resistant and does not risk deterioration even in contact with oils, greasy substances, etc.
- Heat resistant : fragranite resists high temperatures, maintaining its appearance over time.
- Antibacterial surface : thanks to the exclusive Sanitized sanitizing treatment, the sink is protected 24 hours a day and becomes even more hygienic, the proliferation of bacteria and microbes is reduced to 99%.

Details that make the difference
The details that make our sinks unique are:
Design : The versatile and sophisticated lines of the Franke sink design adapt perfectly to all contexts, both modern and classic.
Natural colors : Fragranite offers a wide variety of colors, from warm tones for the most classic finishes to black and white for contemporary combinations.
Accessories - Franke kitchen sinks have numerous accessories that integrate with the different models.
Fast Fix System : This system allows you to install Franke Box bathtubs quickly and easily, and with total ergonomics.
Stainless steel drain cover - An elegant stainless steel cover covers the drain of the most modern Franke sinks to give a high-impact aesthetic effect.