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German laminates of maximum exclusivity

We distribute the best brand in the world in terms of design, innovation and quality


Our maxim is: we are authentic, innovative, demanding and durable. We want to fascinate with our products and also as a company. Our internal attitude is expressed in the success of our products. The goal we have set for ourselves is also: we want to make each room the most beautiful room in the world.

Thanks to our extensive experience combined with the use of the most advanced techniques, we are able to manufacture laminate floors that are very natural interpretations of high quality materials.

Stone Flex

Aware of the importance of innovative finishes in our projects, we provide and distribute various coating products to achieve the best technical and design solutions for our clients.



Since ancient times, wood has been the most used raw material for the construction, setting and decoration of millions of homes in the world. The most notable pieces of world architecture always have pieces or spaces made of wood in mind, either for their thermal and mechanical properties or simply for the unique naturalness of their finish.

Currently there are different types of materials that artificially partially simulate tones or details of wood; However, the perfection of nature is impossible to imitate through industrial processes. And this is clear to all lovers of our wooden floors.

Arquitec Group brings its clients in Colombia the best wooden floors in the world