Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele
Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele

Oven with steam 60 x 60 cm | 3 in 1 - DGC 7860 - Miele

DGC 7860

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Unparalleled talent for consistent results

Your idea of ​​perfection: for the best results, the Miele steam oven is the ideal complement to the oven and hob. Fast heating and cooking times as well as homogeneous steam distribution will make it easier for you to prepare dishes: this is achieved thanks to the powerful external steam generator (3.3 kW) and the special arrangement and location of the two steam injectors. DualSteam steam.

Combined Cooking

Perfect combination of humidity and dry heat

Flexibility for the best baking and roasting results: combine moist and dry heat to your liking. And for the best results, the combined functions allow you to adjust the temperature (between 30°C and 225°C) and the humidity (between 0% and 100%). You can change this setting up to 10 times in quick sequence. This way it is possible to fully customize the result.

Only at Miele

3 in 1 principle

Everything in a single appliance

With the 3 in 1 principle you will have 3 types in a single oven. Delicious dishes even in small kitchens: use the oven functions for crispy results or the steam cooking function for delicate cooking. The combined functions achieve excellent results.

Automatic Programs

The best result without effort

How long does it take to prepare bread and how many vegetables do you need? In dishes that you prepare with different intelligent automatic programs, you will not have to select the temperature or duration: your device reacts automatically and makes your daily life in the kitchen easier. Do you want the chicken to be crispier? The degree of doneness or browning of many foods can be adjusted individually.

Only at Miele

Wireless Thermal Probe

Meat or fish cooked to perfection

Is it still raw or perhaps very dry? With the integrated thermal probe you can prepare meat or fish by measuring the interior temperature with total precision and individually. Thanks to the remaining time indication you can see exactly how much time is left for the roast: this way you can even leave the kitchen. The handling is very comfortable and simple, the result juicy and aromatic.

Keep Warm Function

Protects nutrients and the appliance

Once the cooking time has elapsed, the dishes stay hot for up to 15 minutes without losing quality. That way you won't have to worry if you're a couple of minutes late.

Only at Miele

Only at Miele

Automatic menu preparation

For a full plate

Meat or fish, potatoes and vegetables: with the automatic Menu Cooking function you can steam up to three different foods together. The oven determines the temperature, duration and sequence. To obtain a good result you just have to put the food in the steam oven at the indicated time and in the established order. Thus, you can easily prepare a complete menu in a single cooking process.

Quantity independent cooking

Different quantities, same duration

Regardless of whether you want to cook a portion or the meal for the whole family, whether they were fresh or frozen: the preparation time is always the same in our steam combination oven for any quantity. This will make your life easier, since it eliminates the time of weighing and calculating the different cooking times.

Only at Miele

Liftable panel with Y SoftClose motor

Much more than a control panel

Design and operating comfort go hand in hand: with a light press, the panel opens and closes without having to open the door. The water tank, the container for condensed water and the thermal probe are hidden behind the panel. The panel tilts when you press the key to see the display better.

Wide variety of applications

Multitude of possibilities

Regardless of whether you want to defrost, blanch or dehydrate: with the Miele steam combination oven you can prepare the most diverse foods to your liking, always with the best quality and just right. You can also put pizza or pie dough to ferment inside.

Only at Miele

Mix & Match

Smart assistance

Prepare healthy dishes quickly: with Mix & Match you can cook or heat different foods together in less than half an hour. You can put food into the appliance at the same time and remove it again once the selected program has finished. This way you will comfortably prepare a combined dish with several components without having to worry about different cooking times and temperatures.

External steam generation

Advantage: steam from outside

Innovative steam system: unlike other systems, the steam generator is located outside the cooking area. This is completely filled with steam during the steaming process and oxygen is removed. The advantages: fast heating, optimal temperature measurement and preservation of the natural color of the food. And since no lime builds up inside the oven, cleaning is also very easy.

Stainless steel interior with PerfectClean

Professional staff

Plenty of space, quick cleaning: The interior of the stainless steel oven has a volume of up to 68 l, enough space for large containers, e.g. e.g., for whole chickens. This way you can prepare menus for 8–10 people. In addition to the space, the interior surface is not prone to corrosion/rust and thanks to the PerfectClean finish it is very easy to care for. Very practical: you can also use the trays in the Miele steam combination oven.


Maximum visibility at any level

To be able to comfortably assess the progress of your roast or gratin in the combined steam oven, the high-quality LED spotlights are responsible for illuminating different levels of the interior of the oven and thus you will see the food from any angle.