Coffee Machine - Automatic 60 cm | Mythos - FMY 45 CM XS - Franke
Coffee Machine - Automatic 60 cm | Mythos - FMY 45 CM XS - Franke
Coffee Machine - Automatic 60 cm | Mythos - FMY 45 CM XS - Franke

Coffee Machine - Automatic 60 cm | Mythos - FMY 45 CM XS - Franke


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The Mythos FMY 45 Cm XS built-in coffee machine is equipped with cappuccino and espresso functions. 5 intensity levels and coffee size to choose from. We will also choose single or double coffee and its temperature. The model has a built-in grinder and the option to prepare ground coffee. The Franke coffee maker has a self-cleaning and descaling function.

Convenient, compact and reliable equipment

Controlling the coffee machine is simple. Simply use the intuitive LCD screen. We have many possibilities. Depending on our preferences, we can prepare weaker or stronger coffee using a five-level scale. It is even more valuable if we invite people whose tastes may vary. And if necessary, we can make a double coffee. We also have the option to choose the amount of coffee that will be used to prepare. Up to five drinks can be prepared in one cycle.

A coffee grinder is integrated with the device, thanks to which the prepared drink is made from freshly ground beans. You can also use ground coffee. The user can choose the favorite grinding thickness or the temperature of the drink.

An important element of the machine's equipment is its self-cleaning, descaling and rinsing function of the entire system. Daily care is very simple and periodic cleaning is also a guarantee of the perfect flavor and aroma of the coffee.

A stylish device for every kitchen

The Mythos coffee maker is a well-thought-out device with many practical functions, thanks to which everyone will have the opportunity to prepare the coffee they like. Its advantage is also a minimalist and universal design. The elegant appearance and muted colors make the device successfully adapt to various arrangements, Scandinavian, modern or traditional styles.


Type of coffee loose or in grains
Water tank (l) 1.80 liters
Product length 59.5cm
Total height 18"
Depth 41.2cm
Check Touch control
Water pump pressure and power 15 bars - 50 W.
Strain 220-240V 50-60Hz
Features Stand By, Eco, Cappuccino, Hot water, Coffee strength (extra strong, strong, normal, soft, extra soft), Type of coffee (espresso, medium, large), Number of cups, Rinse, Descaling, Ground coffee, Cleaning auto, auto power off
Maximum power 1.35 kilowatts
Heater power 1200 W coffee / 1000 W steam
Adjustable spout height Yeah
Grind setting 13 elements
The capacity of the grounds container. 14 cups
coffee distribution 1 or 2 cups
Number of temperature settings 3