Cocinas Stosa Aliant

Stosa Aliant kitchens

Glossy Pomice glass, matte Grigio Piacenza glass and Siena HPL. Brushed Nero skirting board and handle profile. Palo Alto Bookstore
Stosa Aliant kitchens. A harmonious game of reflections between the visual lightness of glass and the resistant materiality of HPL.

A cuisine in which the materials are amalgamated as well as the ingredients of an exquisite recipe, to give life to a sophisticated and modern flavor that at the same time knows how to reinterpret the taste of tradition. There are two main materials: on the one hand, glass, a pure and essential element capable of giving depth to colors and lightness to the domestic environment, ennobling it. On the other hand, HPL, a high-performance laminate and a great ally in the kitchen, given its resistance to high temperatures and stains, as well as its impermeability to steam and water.

Aliant is an extremely versatile model, capable of expressing different languages ​​and giving life to multiple solutions: scenic islands, linear kitchens enhanced by the transparency of glass, attractive configurations that communicate with the living room. The result is a kitchen of great character, which manifests solidity and elegance.