Cocinas Stosa York

Stosa York Kitchens

Corner composition with living room basses in Bianco Artic wood and others in Nordic wood, Open modules in Peltro finished metal.

Stosa York Kitchens. The personality of industrial style meets the elegance of tradition.

Stosa classic kitchens - York 1779 kitchen model
Characterized by the door with an oak veneered wooden frame and padded central panel, both with slats and simple, York reveals, thanks to its chromatic range, the natural conformation of the oak, an important peculiarity of this kitchen.

Thanks to the different metal accessories and the endless combinations with tables, chairs and stools from the Stosa brand, York plays with contrasts, providing an open visual impact and a bright atmosphere.

York represents the ring of conjunction between the classic charm of the past and the innovative style of the present. An elegant model but with a strong personality, which is expressed in an industrial and decisive style and is characterized by the attention to detail. Classic decorative details combined with modern materials give life to an independent, refined and timeless kitchen.

High quality woods and unprecedented materials to achieve a fusion between the kitchen and the living area. The open spaces, without structural separations, transform the kitchen into an environment for sharing and at the same time functional. An open space that places York between tradition and innovation, marking the return of the environments of yesteryear and authentic and genuine flavors, reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary key.