Cocinando con Neolith

Cooking with Neolith

TheSize presents its new video "Cooking with Neolith" by 3 Chefs (Ángel Lillo, Damián Azorín and Miguel Ángel Verdejo, Professors at the Cap de L'Aljub Hospitality School in Santa Pola and collaborators of the "Neolith Young People's Gastronomic Guide Authors Mediterráneo I"), preparing 3 Arctic White countertop cooking recipes (Colorfeel Collection). The video tests the extraordinary technical characteristics of the material: resistant to scratches and wear, resistant to stains, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, zero absorption, resistant to UV rays, hygienic, resistant to aggressive household products , high and low temperatures, resistant to cleaning products, and with a 10-year warranty.