Clam Shell

Clam Shell

Imperceptible Joints
The Corian® adhesive makes the joints imperceptible. The result is a smooth surface that allows you to create great designs from a single element. The appearance of the joints in the countertops, and in the integrated Corian® sinks and basins, prevents dirt and bacteria from proliferating

Corian® surfaces are renewable and inherently environmentally friendly. Stains and scratches can be easily removed with the sponge or scouring pad that we normally have in the kitchen. With a little effort, the Corian® surface will be like the first day again.

Non Porous
Corian® is hygienic and non-porous. Its smooth surface does not allow liquids to penetrate and is easy to clean. Bacteria and mold do not proliferate on its surface. When we clean its surface, it looks really clean.

Corian® maintains its good appearance and survives impact nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear.