Cocinas Stosa Color Trend

Stosa Color Trend Kitchens

Fango matt lacquer and Color Trend Panna matt lacquer. Fango matte lacquered living room with Frame doors, back doors and Palo Alto Natural bookcase.

Stosa Color Trend Italian kitchens. The lacquered door transforms the environment into a creative space where colorful and personalized compositions can be brought to life.

The identity of Color Trend is already evident in its name: a model characterized by a simple door in various colors, plain or combined. The result is an original decorative effect that is the result of the chromatic alternation between the different elements of the environment: the furniture communicates through colors and the kitchen manages to express all its originality.

Customization is another of the characteristics that distinguishes Color Trend: its doors create a continuous surface that becomes a space open to multiple possibilities. From the creation of chromatic games by combining several shades to the simple and essential style of monochrome, Color Trend is the kitchen that knows how to respond to the aesthetic and functional demands of those who choose it.