Cocinas Stosa City

Stosa City Kitchens

Base units, cupboard and oven tower in rovere jeans, high unit in matte white glass, orange golas and titanium plinth, hood, dishwasher and hidden refrigerator

Italian integral kitchens at Arquitec Group

Stosa City Kitchens. A project that reinterprets the taste of the essential and transforms it into design.

City is a universe of vintage inspirations: its retro-inspired design proposes and exalts traditional materials, reinterpreting them in a contemporary key. An example? The door with a frame and padded central panel, a distinctive feature of the Stosa City model, which in this case adopts a creative style, not at all conventional.

A solid and firm aesthetic, a kitchen capable of providing tactile and visual sensations with its material finishes, wood effect and PET. City is a project in constant evolution, represented through different styles that respectively identify a different way of enjoying cuisine.

The power of City lies in the continuous evocation of a past that connotes its character and transforms it into a project of everlasting charm. Its compositions adapt to environments of all sizes, managing to provide maximum comfort and combine aesthetics and functionality in any type of environment.

City's combination of materials attracts the attention of a refined public, who usually enjoys the most advanced interior design solutions at home to live a personalized home experience.